Icd-9 Codes for Diabetes Mellitus patients.  8 pages, durable glossy card stock.  Includes manifestations, related conditions and procedures, guidelines and of course all DM codes.
Just $12.95   

  Large Print Cheat Sheet  
The same book as the icd-9 Cheat Sheet above.  Except with 13 point font so it is 8.5x11 inches and about 1 inch thick.


Want to use the Cheat Sheet on your Computer?  Get the pdf version.  $27.95   Click here to buy download

Icd-9 Cheat Sheet for Home Care and similar populations. Fast and simple icd-9 coding. Each code is at the highest specificity. No additional search ever needed.  It’s pretty standard for a user to cut 50% off coding time with other manuals.  Banded like this paragraph for easy reading. Convenient, too. Only 8.5x5.5 inches & about 1 inch thick


The Rules of the Code
Guidelines for correct use of icd-9 codes simplified for homecare. NOTE: Your copy may say 2012 on the cover - there have been no changes since the coding freeze & likely won’t be before icd-9 becomes obsolete.


Icd-9 turns to icd-10 September 30, 2014. The icd-10 Cheat Sheet, training, and more will be available right here suitably ahead of that date.

Do icd-9 coding faster and easier for home health with books easy to carry with you

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Icd Books

Posters - free posters for download based on the titles. Click here to get them.

The Acronym Cheat Sheet
Simple and Quick!
800 + common diagnosis and procedure acronyms icd-9 coded to highest level of specificity.Convenient, definitely.  And save time.  If you get a source document the physician has populated with acronyms - you can find the code and definition in one look-up! Pocket sized and easy to read.  Spiral binding.
Only $9.95  includes shipping.

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